Sustainable apparel for the future

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. All our current and planned apparel have genuine eco credentials.

What we have now

Our manufacturing partner is a leader in the South African clothing industry with a factory that boasts impressive sustainability credentials:

  • A solar power plant has been added in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint. Over 250 panels save 136 tonnes of carbon emissions (the equivalent of the pollution emitted by 23 cars over a one-year period).
  • A borehole system has been installed to feed the factory’s demanding ablution areas and saves 1.5 million litres of municipal potable water per annum.
  • Machinery has only been purchased after careful examination of the energy expenditure of each product in question.
  • Low-energy consumption lighting is used throughout the factory.

For its efforts, our manufacturing partner recently won the LEAN Performance Improvement Award from the South African Department of Trade and Industry and the Cape Clothing and Textile Cluster.

Factory General Manager, Bobby Fairlamb, shares: “We are incredibly proud that here, at the tip of Africa, we have a world-class manufacturing unit equal to the best anywhere in the world. Our keys to success? Our desire to eliminate waste, improve at all costs, build a healthy culture amongst our staff, commit to training and development at all levels and maintain a stringent focus on the customer.

Where are we going?

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. All our current and planned apparel have genuine eco credentials and are manufactured in an award-winning factory.

Our continued desire to push the envelope means that we are restlessly committed to perfecting our product range. In addition to the Black Leopard jacket, we are working on hoodies, puffer jackets, t-shirts and dress shirts. We see the brand as a lifestyle accessory you wear with pride, not a throwaway piece of clothing you slip under something more expressive.

And from there? The sky’s the limit. What’s exciting is that we can do so much with you at our side. Different markets, different territories, different people will all help us shape and build the WWFStore into a market leader that caters to an audience united by a desire for sustainably sourced, quality-obsessed apparel.

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